Secret Weapon is a term on Alton Towers where a new ride is revealed with no name until closer to the opening date for the ride and the park. The inclusion of a new Secret weapon can cause different Park areas to change.

Secret Weapon 1 and 2 Edit

SW 1 & 2 were unbuilt roller coasters originally intended for the Nemesis site.

Secret Weapon 3 Edit

SW3 was Nemesis, opened in 1994.

Secret Weapon 4 Edit

The "SW4" codename was for Oblivion.

Secret Weapon 5 Edit

SW5 was codename for Galactica

Secret Weapon 6 Edit

The "SW6" was Thirteen with lots of promotion with a opening boot camp starring the last ever winner of Celebrity Big Brother he was the least favorite, but won the public over it's Alex Reid.

Secret Weapon 7 Edit

SW7 was The Smiler, and opened in 2013

Secret Weapon 8 is currently under construction and should be revealed 2017 - 2018