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Corcscrew was removed in the year, 2008 to start construction of SW6 two years of cunstruction really paid of SW6 opened in 2010 named Thirteen or styled as TH13TEEN.

it is based on a crypt of a haunted forest known as: THE DARK FOREST.

The ride starts out by going round a small bend to assend the up the lift hillonce going up the hill most people say you should be able to see THE CHAINED OAK.

Then as the ride slowly starts to go over the top the train speeds up and hurdles the riders down a hudge drop then oonce the drop is over they start going around numerous twists and turns before entering a shed like area. And this is where the surprise takes place you here creaking wook noises before droping down a three intch drop then the train suddenly drops five meteres underground then the train hurdles the riders backwards out of the tunnel and on to the switch track where the train accendes forwards back to the station.


  • On Friday the 13th, (The day considered most unlucky) Thirteen was renamed to Fourteen (Styled as FOU13TEEN) as customers would think the ride would not be safe to ride. Limited edition merchandise was avalible for just 1 day. Also all the signs were changed to FOU13TEEN.